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Butterfly’s co-founders David Mendlewicz, Simon Rakosi, and Marcus Perezi-Tormos were recently guests on the Positive Phil Show, a top business podcast.
Here are some of our favorite quotes from the 30-minute show:
On the Butterfly name
“We feel that we are changing the world one manager at the time, and driving that positive change is something that goes back to the idea for the name of our company. The idea came form the idea of an animal going through a drastic, but positive, change – that is, moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly.”
“Butterfly focuses on the managers: those individuals that need to be supported, developed, and trained. This is the exact gap we are filling so that companies are not just investing in development of senior executives, but every single manager at every level in the company.”
On being “married” to the mission
“We see ourselves as being problem solvers and we like to solve problems that make people feel better and have a positive impact on society. Knowing that 70 percent of employees are disengaged at work, to us, is an opportunity to change the world.”
“The relationship between co-founders is like a marriage, and like in every marriage, communication is key, so we are very open and transparent with each other.”
On what inspires the product
“We have a lot of exchanges with our partners/customers to know exactly what is working for them, and what might be missing. We open up the discussion to new ideas and have sessions to discover tool requirements and develop a pipeline of ideas.”
“It’s also about knowing what is available out there when it comes to artificial intelligence. It is important to always keep a pulse on what is going on given that AI is a very dynamic field with great algorithms and technologies to be leveraged by companies like ours.”
On building an engaged team
“We aim to build a culture from the ground up by promoting concepts of transparency, positivity and happiness in the core value of the team… What is really great is that everyone here knows the impact they have and how they fit into the product and the overall mission.”
On defining success
Success is mostly achieved when you can get yourself to a state of happiness…nothing to do with money, but more on a personal level – reaching a very sustainable state of happiness. In terms of our clients, success is seeing the company achieve better and greater engagement.” 
You can listen to the full interview here.