The Secret to Showing How Employees Contribute to the Company

It is necessary for employees to know how they contribute to the well-being of the company in order for them to feel that they are a necessary part of the workforce. Explaining to employees why their contributions help solve problems and assist with the company’s advancement will allow them to feel more inclined to step up their game when they know their work adds value.
An effective way to do this is by showing employees the product or outcome of their efforts in person. This inspires performance because it connects the dots of employees’ endeavors. Once they know that their contributions are being valued, they will feel more appraised and beneficial, generating motivation and an atmosphere of excellence. It is important not to focus too much on employee performance when there is still no clear definition of an employee’s roles and responsibilities for enhancing the company.
What an individual is providing along the way is just as critical as what the team is selling in the end.
Source: Forbes