As A Manager It's Important To Be An Advocate For Your Employees

When you become a manager, you assume a unique position, in that you are a key stakeholder when it comes to the future career trajectory for others within the organization.
As an individual’s day-to-day manager, you will amass a wealth of knowledge about a person’s strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and setbacks. With this insight comes the responsibility of stepping up to be an advocate for their growth.
Being an advocate can take many forms, beginning with an ideal scenario in which an employee is consistently exceeding expectations and maturing out of a role they’ve been placed in.
This is a dream scenario as a manager because it likely means you are providing the support they need to grow.
Communicating successes in this regard, especially to HR when it comes time for performance reviews, is an important role. It’s on you to make a case, so approach employee evaluation with the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that your team deserves. Use anecdotes and data to demonstrate to the organization why this person deserves to take the next step.
Advocating for your team doesn’t only occur with the superstars of the group. Undoubtedly, people will face challenges, or perhaps decide that the current career path ahead of them is not a fit. As a manager, you must also support individuals in these scenarios, helping identify ways to improve or support should they decide to move on from the team.