Can Meditation Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Are you trying to have better work-life balance? Each leader has their own solution.
Winston Churchill once said: “If it weren’t for painting, I couldn’t live. I couldn’t bear the strain of things.” And it is not unusual to see C-suite executives disappearing for a while, leaving for a hunting or fishing trip. After all, it is only natural for every human to need some “off-time”, in order to recharge the batteries we deplete throughout our professional life.
Manish Chopra, a partner at the New York McKinsey office, explains how meditation was his key to achieving a healthier work-life balance.
The first big difference he saw after meditating, is that he managed to get a handle on his e-mail addiction. Previously, reading email and answering them was the first and the last thing he would do each day. This, unfortunately, had the effect of making him upset from the very beginning of the day, whenever he received bad news.
Secondly, the approach he had to his work changed. He used to take things very personally and was affected by bad news. Today, he is able to create more distance between himself and his decisions and puts things into perspective more easily.
Meditation is by no means a miracle solution. However, we can learn from this that finding an outside hobby is crucial to find relief from work stress.
Source: McKinsey