How Moment Factory Brings "Home" to Work

Bringing home to work is completely different from bringing work to home. While one encourages comfort and contentment, the other prompts stress and anxiety. Feeling at home at work is a benefit that in the short run motivates employees to go to work in the first place.
A company that accurately exemplifies the true meaning of “bringing home to work” is Moment Factory. The workspace at this office has many decorative elements that bring the area to life and differentiate it from generic, including posters, sweets, and bean bags. Each employee is allowed to personalize their space based on their individual tastes and bring in objects which act to relax and inspire members.
Decor and photographs are essential to bringing the home to work. They make office spaces both more eye-appealing and motivating, and by transferring pieces of coworkers into work, there is a better sense of humanity and thus colleagues benefit from the amenity.
Sources: Moment Factory