Butterfly Wins Award For Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This past week the 2018 Devies was hosted at the Oakland Convention Center.
The ceremony, held annually during DeveloperWeek, celebrates the companies that are pushing boundaries in the tech scene. Previous winners include companies like Microsoft, IBM, Docusign, GitLab, and plenty of more.
To obtain a “Devie” you must have —

  1. Technology that garners press attention
  2. Be well-regarded by the developer community
  3. Be a leader in a sector for innovativeness

Out of the hundreds of companies that were nominated, we at Butterfly are extremely fortunate to have stood out and received recognition from our peers. We are glad to have won the award for Best Innovation in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
Butterfly wins award for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the 2018 Devies
Developers are becoming key influencers in their companies because what technologies they use will matter more and more to their business’s operations. Butterfly is a great example of a new era of technologies that are empowering developers to have a greater impact on products and IT.” Said Geoff Domoracki, Founder of DeveloperWeek.
Though our company’s best days are in front of us we are glad to receive this recognition and we look forward to continue utilizing artificial intelligence in order to create better workplaces.
The features that we are working on releasing this year will improve the current product and also do a better job to help train managers and gather more feedback from employees in order to create a transparent workplace.
We look forward to building out Butterfly and continue using machine learning and AI to help solve issues in workplaces around the globe.
We hope that this is the beginning of more good things to come!