Butterfly And Dataiku To Host Meetup: Analyzing Employee Happiness and Leadership Development

How happy are your employees? How effective is your leadership as a manager? If you’ve been thinking of these questions, then you should join our upcoming meetup with Dataiku, as our experts share their insights on management.
Representing Dataiku, Data Scientist Guilherme de Oliveira will discuss how you can use data sets to predict which employees will most likely stay or leave. From this, managers can better understand the important factors that explain employee decisions.
Butterfly’s Co-Founder Simon Rakosi will share what it takes to be a great manager, as well as explain the specific, scientifically-backed drivers that influence how you lead your employees. By knowing these, you’ll learn the analytics to develop a happy and engaged team, and strengthen your leadership.
Ready to learn from our experts? Join us at our meetup, taking place at 26 Broadway, New York, NY on August 29th, 6:00 PM. Sign up here!