Butterfly and Dataiku Meetup: How To Approach Data & Management

On August 29, Butterfly.ai joined forces with Dataiku for a meetup to discuss employee turnover and effective management. Our presenters shared their expertise on the tools that managers should use to better engage their workforce.

Dataiku: Predicting Employee Behavior

Guilherme de Oliveira, Data Scientist at Dataiku, presented a machine learning tool that assesses data from employees in order to predict which ones are more likely to either quit or stay at their job. The data analytics reinforced what we intuitively expect in employee behavior. For example, the data showed that employees who were not happy with their performance reviews tend to quit. Interestingly, however, some employees with a high satisfaction score in their data set quit, too. This may be because they were high performers who found better opportunities elsewhere.  And although these analytics were incredibly useful, predictions could not always be right. In these cases, Guilhereme mentioned how they needed to alter the algorithms to increase accuracy.

Butterfly: Management Tools

Simon Rakosi, one of our Co-Founders, spoke about the keys to being a great manager. He explained that managers must be “self-aware” by creating an environment that welcomes feedback. He also shared that leaning on your team is just as important as supporting them. Remember: you are only one person — you can’t do it all alone. Simon then described the importance of finding your “North Star” — or in other words,  your mission statement. For Simon, his purpose for leadership is to “help others go beyond.” By knowing your aspirations first, you can build your team and leadership from there. Then, it will be easy to set a self-training plan for yourself to accomplish these goals.
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