Butterfly Co-Founder Offers Insights For The World Government Summit

Butterfly co-founder Simon Rakosi attended the 2017 World Government Summit and is now honored to provide his perspective on the organization’s blog. In this article, he explains what lessons the public sector can learn from the private. 
Here’s a handy summary of his tips:
Tracking employee engagement
Employee engagement is not just a new HR buzzword. It translates into employees who are satisfied at work, and thus more productive. The government could learn from this, and start tracking a similar metric. How about “civic engagement”?
Transparent communications channels
Companies are using engagement software that gather employee feedback on a regular basis (just like Butterfly does!). Although a company obviously differs from a government, they could both adopt the same attitude.
Formalize employee happiness
Countries are waking up to the fact that the happiness of their citizens should be made a top priority. To this end, governments should be spending more resources on people’s development.
A data-driven society for good
Politicians tend to look at the big picture data is giving them, without ever considering the trends happening at an individual level. Citizens should have the ability to give elected officials their pulse on the contemporary circumstances on a frequent basis.
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