CEO gives management tips on how to become an amazing leader

CEO Management Tips

Joe Griffin shares his best CEO management tips with managers

In order to reach full professional success, a great idea and a good work ethic are not all you will require. Indeed, it also takes the right people. Some managers might learn this over years of experience, but we’ll let Joe Griffin, CEO of ClearVoice, share some insights he leant along the way :

  • The people around you are everything
  • Be both a mentor and a protégé
  • A growing business requires growing people
  • Failing is a reality, get comfortable with it
  • Managing people through change is the hardest job you’ll have
  • Being a big fish in a small pond is the best chance for success
  • Focus your business on being the best at one thing, then expand
  • To compete nationally, you must build a major-league team
  • Move quickly on people and operations that drag you down
  • Sharp leaders are among the easiest to trust
  • Think hard about the operations you start, before you start them
  • Don’t be greedy
  • Don’t let the others fail for you
  • If you think someone is taking advantage of you, they probably are
  • The concept of being a good CEO is subjective
  • Crafting, evolving and sharing your vision is increasingly important
  • Remain positive

These CEO management tips should help you to become both a good manager and a good leader, two qualities that people seldom combine naturally!