Communicate The Big Picture To Your Employees

When you delegate tasks to your team, remind them of the context of the assignments. Or in other words, tell them why their work is important to the mission and success of the team! In example, let’s say you need an employee to update a CRM database. Without explaining the big picture of the task, it might seem like an menial project to your team member. But if you explain how their work is critical your company’s engagement strategy, they’ll feel more invested in the task!

See below for some tips on communicating the big picture:

  1. Giving context can be as easy as adding one sentence at the end of an e-mail, or sending a simple Slack message.
  2. If an employee is laying the groundwork for a big project, provide them with the end project. This is so they can see how their work contributes to the final product.
  3. Give credit where it’s due. You should celebrate all contributions, even if their work seems minor.

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes, and share with them why their work matters!