Direct To Consumer

Ensure your employees focus on customers first while providing a meaningful and effective way for employees to share their perspectives about work.


Great managers are able to cultivate motivated teams and motivated teams ultimately drive the customer experience. Whether working in a retail store, a restaurant, a hotel, or a hospital, B2C employees are on the customer front lines every day and their level of engagement is inextricably linked to customer delight. According to NetSurvey, engagement levels are lowest within the sales function, where most interactions with customers occur.

Given the direct impact on the customer experience, it is even more critical for B2C organizations to ensure there are a strong link and feedback loop between managers and their employees.

Customer Satisfaction

Engaging retail employees increases
Customer Satisfaction by 28%.

—World Happiness Report 2018

Employee Turnover

High-turnover organizations report
a 29% reduction in turnover when
employees are engaged.

—Harvard Business Review

Financial Results

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.