Up Your Employee Communication Game

How well do you communicate your team’s responsibilities? How you speak to your employees directly affects how they perform.
When you initiate a conversation (proactive communication), think about the desired outcome. For example, what if you want a team member to finish a task by a certain deadline? You would want to clearly define and repeat the steps. For example, you could say, “Just to be clear, the deadline is Thursday 5 PM, so send the file by then.” And what if you want an employee to feel empowered by a specific task? You should communicate by motivating and inspiring her.
Here are some tips to “up your employee communication game”:
1. Exude confidence, but don’t be arrogant.
Command respect by being knowledgeable and ready to lead. Never talk down to your employees.
2. Be cognizant of timing.
How and when you communicate something to your team can be just as important as the message itself.
3. Always listen!
“The best listeners are the best communicators.” You can better understand your employees’ motives and their concerns when you actively and continuously listen. This also means encouraging their feedback.
Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download!