Encouraging Personalization Encourages Productivity

Allowing employees to personalize their workplace encourages them to bring home into work. Enclosed and decorated office layouts can positively impact employee performance because with personalization comes ownership and a feeling of control over one’s own space.
A recent study discussed in Journal of Environmental Psychology revealed that the degree of privacy had an association with the level of emotional exhaustion. The researchers recruited 87 employees, and in each room they worked in, personalization and privacy factors were controlled. The data revealed that employees working in low-privacy spaces with little decorations reported the highest levels of emotional exhaustion, diminishing productivity as a whole.
Another report from the CMO Council claims that over 75% of firms that currently personalize their workspaces have intentions of increasing their usage of such spaces, and this is a strong confirmation of this approach’s efficiency. It is no surprise that individuals take comfort from the personal items they surround themselves with, and with comfort comes a greater satisfaction with the company one works for.
Sources: Sailthru