We turn employee feedback into actionable advice

Managers For HR Teams
Managers For HR Teams


Collect employee feedback via 30-second pulse surveys. The data is captured in a way to help you improve your management skills and impact your team’s well being.

Butterfly is seamless


Employee feedback is 100% anonymous.

Butterfly is seamless


Regular pulse surveys keep the lines of communication open.


Monitor your team’s feedback in real time via an intuitive dashboard to follow, analyze and reveal marco-trends.

Butterfly is seamless


View team insights in aggregate to identify trends.

Butterfly is seamless


Drill into trends over time or specific drivers to learn more.


Use team feedback to help you grow as a leader. Our AI coach, Zoë, understands you and your team, and will deliver continuous and personalized content that progress with your career as a manager.

Butterfly Listen
Butterfly is seamless

Talent Development

Help every manager evolve in their leadership journey.

Butterfly is seamless

Take action

Start change. Every improvement opportunity can start with one click.


The strongest data is what you can act on, so we make it easy for you to gather the information you need to affect positive change.

Butterfly is Instant


Initiate anonymous chat as soon as you receive feedback.

Butterfly is Frictionless


With integrations, your employees can provide feedback using tools they already use.

We play nice with others

We know onboarding new tools can be a challenge, so we designed Butterfly to seamlessly link with existing apps. Start collecting feedback as soon as you sign up.

Butterfly Play Nice With Others
Butterfly Anywhere!

Butterfly anywhere!

Butterfly is platform-agnostic, and you can use it on any desktop or mobile device. No need to download an app.