Five Ways to Acknowledge and Engage Frontline Employees

Acknowledgement by a manager means a lot for an essential employee in the frontline workforce. Especially in these uncertain times, recognition from leadership can help make coming into work every day—and putting themselves at risk—feel more worth it. 

Read these 5 tips to incorporate acknowledgement into your management style and engage your employees.

1. Say Thanks. Simple, but incredibly effective; saying “thank you” every day to the people who are coming in to work shows that you understand the risks and sacrifices they are making. Make it direct and individualized (via text, email or safely face-to-face) to make every team member feel seen.

2. Listen to (and act on) feedback. When an employee shares their concern, highlights a process that isn’t working or praises one that is, listen and act. Use a tool like Butterfly to quickly gather insights and gauge how employees are feeling. You may need to make changes you didn’t anticipate to show your trust and investment in your employees.

3. Join them in their day-to-day. Gathering feedback is incredibly important, but it can also help to see what they see and experience each day. Join employees in the thick of the workday to see the challenges and roadblocks that you might otherwise miss. Right now, things are changing quickly, so you may need to do this more than once.

4. Celebrate them. After thanking them one-on-one, take time to regularly call out your team to the larger company. Remind people who aren’t on the frontlines what things are like for these employees right now, and praise their important work and sacrifice. Send an update email weekly to everyone across the business with kudos.

5. Extend perks, if possible. Is there anything more you can do for these employees, like provide them lunches or expand their company discounts? Acknowledge their efforts by trying to match them with your own.

In the end, any type of acknowledgement that shows your employees you understand and appreciate what they’re doing will go a long way. 

Butterfly was built for the frontline workforce, offering deskless teams a way to check in and share actionable feedback with ease. We want to help you engage your essential workforce so that they can work effectively and safely, today and in the future.

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