10 Ways To Encourage A Healthy Workplace Diet

As you know, food has a huge impact on your energy level, mood and general happiness. But, food also plays an important role in the workplace. One study found that unbalanced eating links to a 66% increased risk of loss of productivity. So, how can you encourage your employees to eat healthily? Here are 10 easy ways to implement a better workplace diet:

  1. Place healthy options in your vending machines and cafeteria.
  2. Organize a cooking session with a nutritionist or health/food specialist.
  3. Give a list of local restaurants that offer balanced food menus.
  4. Inform your employees on how to find healthier food when shopping or ordering in restaurants.
  5. Teach your team how to read and understand food labels.
  6. Encourage them to bring healthy lunches from home. (This means you should provide a refrigerator and microwave at the workplace, at least.)
  7. Provide healthy food during meetings.
  8. Set measurable goals for your team (i.e. “Eat at least 2 fruits every day”).
  9. Survey your employees to know which improvements they recommend.
  10. Be creative! Make a contest to encourage healthy eating. Include prizes!

A healthy workplace is the key to a happy workplace. Experiment with different strategies to see what’s best for your team.
Source: HuffPost