How to Align Your Employees with Company Values

According to a report from Deloitte, 83% of executives and 84% of employees rank having engaged and motivated employees as the top factor that substantially contributes to a company’s success. This is no news. But in order to engage and motivate your employees, you will need to align them with the core values of your company. Indeed, a study by Globoforce reveals that 88% of employees who are well versed in company values say that they are engaged. On the other hand, only 54% of employees who don’t know their company’s values say that they are engaged. The gap is considerable. Thus, here is a list of 6 ways to align your employees with your company’s values:
1) Hire the right people
First of all, start by hiring people who actually fit your company’s values. This might seem obvious, but we tend to forget that personality and fitness with the company’s spirit is as important as hard skills. Try to find people who are naturally aligned with the culture of your company. You will save a lot of time on training and coaching.
2) Value trust and respect
The culture of a company is built and nurtured day-by-day by its employees and the interactions between them. Thus communication is key, and in order to encourage your employees to spread the company’s values, you need to ensure that they feel they can speak freely. Trust and respect form the fertile soil on which to cultivate your corporate values.
3) Be consistent
Make sure that the company at large acts consistently with its values. The management level needs to embody the company’s culture and inspire employees to follow them. This will in return allow your people to make the right decision when facing tough situations. If the whole company follows a clear direction, with well-established values, it is much easier for an employee to answer the question “what would my manager do?”
4) Recognize your employees
As building a culture is a permanent process, do recognize your employees and reward them publicly when they stand for the core principles of your organization. This will encourage others to follow the company’s values when making important decisions.
5) Arrange the workplace in accordance with the company’s values
The physical display of the workplace sends a strong message about the culture of a company. Think about it when arranging your office. For instance, an open space will favour social exchange and the sharing of ideas, installing a gym will place physical wellness at the centre of the company’s culture, etc.
6) Accept changes without loosing sight of what matters
The culture of your company will inevitably evolve over time. New hires will bring new visions and they will have an influence on the values of the company. Be open to these contributions without loosing sight of what really is at the core of your organization.