How to Improve Your Likability Factor as a Manager

According to a survey conducted by on 15,000 job seekers, an astonishing 87 percent of participants claimed that they wanted to leave their jobs; 53 percent of those participants indicated that it was because of their boss. Nothing drags a day at your job more than working for an unfavorable boss; however, likability must be earned rather than given.
Highly regarded managers possess many admirable qualities that inevitably make them as popular as they are. They speak to people the way something needs to be heard, not necessarily how they want to say it, focusing energy on selflessness rather than selfishness. Likable leaders also understand that complaining elicits contempt from employees, so they avoid it at all costs.
Sometimes peace is better than being right, therefore during confrontations likable leaders do not focus their sights on winning, especially when it is an insignificant issue. Furthermore, they display humanness within their work rather than hiding behind their business. Although a strong brand name can win attention, substance and knowledge is what keeps it.
Above all else, a likable leader is willing to be little, for arrogance is a large turn off in the working community. Humility is a difficult quality to develop since it is only human nature to solely be concerned about oneself. However, if employees know that their leader has a genuine belief in the value of people, they in turn feel valued.
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