How to Open Yourself Up to Employee Feedback

As a manager it is important to give feedback to employees, but it is just as important to be open to receiving feedback. Asking for feedback from workers will make them feel acknowledged and will motivate them to perform better. Employee engagement will also increase because workers feel valued and appreciated, especially if their suggestions are clearly acknowledged. Allowing feedback invites constructive criticism that can improve managerial methods and increase performance throughout the workplace.
It can be hard for a manager to be self-aware without the evaluation of his/her team(s); however, oftentimes employees are afraid to speak up and voice their thoughts out of fear of challenging initiatives or coming off as disrespectful. The best way to inspire truly honest feedback is to take the time to meet with team members through informal, one-on-one sessions and ask them clear and insightful questions with honest intentions of acting upon responses.
Once the feedback has been received, and better yet implemented, then employees feel truly appreciated, thus increasing employee engagement and motivation.
Source:, Snapsurveys