Identify Your Weaknesses, Turn Them Into Strengths

With confidence in your strengths, you can build trust and demonstrate authority. But, what about your weaknesses? In example, you may not be a very detail-oriented manager. You can minimize this in the short term by asking someone from your team with organizational skills to help you project manage certain tasks. As well, you can improve this skill in the long term by figuring out which tools can help you organize more. 
So, here are some tips to identify your weaknesses:
1. Talk to your close cohorts.
Engage with friends, mentors, or your family for their thoughts. Start with a specific question to guide the conversation: “What’s one thing I should have done better when I worked on Project X?”
2. Take a personality assessment (i.e. DiSC®).
Of course, these assessments shouldn’t be taken literally. Rather, you can use these more directionally. This will help you identify where your gaps are as a leader.
3. Invite ongoing feedback from your team.
Look for trends over time from the feedback. What does your team consistently cite as a frustration? Let’s say it’s miscommunication. Then, you need to start working towards being a more effective, engaging communicator. Also, make sure responses are anonymous; this leads to more transparent insights for you.