A clear connection is a
simple connection

Take the pulse of your teams and gather their feedback without leaving your existing workflow. Butterfly is light and extremely easy to deploy.

Butterfly Supports over 30,000 managers around the world

System Integrations

People hate cumbersome processes. That’s why Butterfly offers seamless integrations to reach your people when and where they work, your way.


Connect managers  and teams WHERE they work

Our messaging integrations including WhatsApp, Slack, SMS, and Microsoft Teams

Team members receive pulse surveys, and managers receive notifications and feedback directly from the company’s chosen messaging application.


Connect managers and teams WHEN they work

Ensure that you ask for feedback to your team while they are on the clock. Butterfly connects seamlessly with Time and Attendance applications including , but not limited to UKG, Rippling, and Deputy.

After a team member clocks in, they will immediately receive a survey prompt via SMS or the specified channel of your choice.


Connect through tools you TRUST

Butterfly not only allows for SSO but allows you to automatically sync with your HRIS and systems of record so the data about your team members is always up-to-date and ready to use.


Connect managers and teams where they ENGAGE

In an ever-changing ecosystem, connect managers and teams where they engage with one another. Whether this is on the floor through our kiosk solutions, or through a social platform such as Beekeeper, Blink, or Workplace Butterfly makes it simple to reach your team, anywhere.