The key to work-life balance ? Integrating these two concepts

balloonsImprove your work-life balance by integrating these two concepts

No one has the answer on how to have a perfect work-life balance. However, we can follow the examples of some leaders who were able to find a good equilibrium.
Toby Southgate, the CEO of a global organization, tells us how he’s implemented a decent work-life balance in his life. Toby Southgate shares with us two practices he has implemented in his life in order to improve the balance between his work and private life.

  1. Introducing integration

According to Southgate, any change in the company will face unwillingness or other forms of protest. That’s why it’s important to build the working environment on trust and space, he says. The ultimate goal is that your company becomes a place where outputs and results are judged above time served. This includes strong communication and constant empowerment.
       2.Saving time
Toby Southgate also shares how he can save time by implementing three simple rules. This enables him to spend more time with his family and friends. The first rule is to schedule when you will be checking your emails outside work to make sure it will not interfere with your private life. The second rule is to optimize office time. Avoid unnecessary meetings, for example. The last rule is about travel and remote working. Make sure to schedule your calls, and your travels, around your private life.
Finally, we can say that a company invested in improving work-life balance should support its employees and enable them to manage their work and personal lives to the best of their abilities.
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