Here's How NOT to Address an Angry Employee

It should come as no surprise that an angry team member can greatly affect the overall mood and productivity of an office. The way a manager handles a difficult employee distinguishes between the good and the great.
Perhaps more important than learning how to deal with an angry employee is how not to address an angry employee. Never correct minor details in somebody’s argument. Trivial corrections are unnecessary and often only escalate the problem. It is best to deal with dissatisfied team members with a peaceful temperament without expecting them to do the same. Asking an angry person to “calm down” will more than likely make them even more upset.
The best thing you can do as a manager when dealing with unhappy employees is listen. Pay attention to the feedback that they are giving to the company (often times it can be productive). Show that you are concerned with their problem and will work to a solution. Lastly, approach the situation with open communication. Be honest and authentic and remind the employees that you share a common purpose.
Sources:, Psychology Today