Lobby for educational opportunities at your company

While many resources (like this article) exist to provide you with the fundamental tools needed to lead a team, as a manager your learning should never stop. Some companies offer an array of trainings and tools to help managers grow over time; however, the reality is that most organizations do not invest in these places. Talent teams balance many functions, and have limited budgets, which means that it’s on managers to make a case for resources where they make sense.
In fairness to talent teams, it’s difficult to understand what exactly employees need by way of educational tools without individuals raising their hands and providing actionable feedback. If you could benefit to a paid subscription, learning tool or workshop, bring this idea to your HR teams and explain how this will help you develop as a leader.
Here are some ways to prove value:

  • Identify ways that the tool or publication can function as a shared resource across many managers or perhaps the entire organization. Cost-effectiveness is always a powerful selling point.
  • Explain to your talent leadership the tangible benefits you expect to reap from the investment. Draw parallels between your knowledge gaps and the needs of your team instead of simply passing along a flashy brochure.
  • If technology is involved, offer to vet and lead scheduling for a necessary demo or overview, thus taking some of the burden off of HR. Invite others across the organization to join so you can discuss pros and cons as a collaborative group.