How To Be A Respected Leader In Your Organization

This is what you should associate to have a long-term, productive leadership

Is there any specific way to be a respected leader? That is a question that one might ask oneself. 
A group of experts tried to answer the question in an interview for McKinsey. These are the headlines:
Management can be declined in three elements. Firstly, you have to know yourself well, to have a lot of self-awareness. Secondly, you have to be skilled enough for the position and finally, to have the relevant knowledge for the job.
As the second and the third element evolve over time, we can say that only self-awareness remains stable over time.
Leadership tends to be at the intersection of psychology and business knowledge. And while the business knowledge seems to be moving over time, the psychology knowledge is instead a timeless dimension.
Indeed, experts have observed that the majority of business failures were the consequence of managers becoming too stubborn. If a manager stays for too long at the same position with the same challenges, they will develop a particular kind of arrogance, and as a consequence (s)he won’t listen to his employees anymore. Certainly, something to think about!
Source McKinsey