Which Management Personality Fits You Best?

Despite how popular media portrays managers, there is no single leadership type. Managers come in different forms, i.e. Type A or Type B. While Type A managers operate best on higher levels of energy, Type B managers are more easygoing. What’s important is to recognize your management personality early on, and build from there.
The best leadership style is one that is sustainable. Here’s how to approach this:
1. Take an audit of your own style.
Most managers are a mix between both Type A and B. Identify the specific situations when each of these sides show.

2. If you’re a low-stress (Type B) manager:
Ensure that you balance this personality with a results-oriented management style, so that you can hold your team accountable.
3. If you’re a high-stress (Type A) manager:
Balance this style by building up your soft skills and demonstrating more empathy to your team members.
4. Relate your management style to the personalities of your team. 
Keep track of which situations you need to dial one style up or down based on how your team works.
Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download!