Management Tip – Hold yourself accountable

Since most people find it difficult to audit their own performance, enlist trusted colleagues, mentors and your own team to provide feedback.
Accountability as a manager can be tricky, especially when it comes to gauging your performance in the eyes of your team. Team members might feel uncomfortable giving direct feedback, especially if it’s critical, which is entirely understandable. While it’s recommended to promote transparency within the team, allowing for anonymous feedback is the best way to get unfiltered thoughts from your team. It’s the critical feedback, after all, that will help you develop and grow as a leader. Whether you choose to administer a short, anonymous survey or use technology to anonymously pulse-check your employees, be sure to close the loop on critical feedback in a transparent manner.
Some tips for showing your team that you’re accountable:

  • If you’re collecting feedback anonymously, compile the data that comes in and address the findings as a team. Acknowledge weaknesses and propose ways to improve. Then, ask the team to discuss these solutions with you, together, so they are part of the improvement cycle.
  • Make a habit of candidly asking team members, “What do you need from me?” This simple question shows that you are there for them, and opens the door for feedback.

If a suggestion comes in from the team, and you decide to implement it, make sure you close the loop. Reinforcing the power of feedback is the single best way to promote more feedback down the line. Actions speak louder than words.