Why You Need A Management Training Plan

As you know by, there is always more to learn as a manager. Marathon runners don’t just do one training run before the race. They set a daily plan with milestones along the way until they reach their goal. Leadership development is a similar gradual process, except your “finish line” will move and change over time. Here are some strategies to uphold your management training plan:

  1. Subscribe to relevant leadership platforms to help you start (such as blogs and podcasts). Some prominent sites include The Harvard Business Review, Workforce, and Forbes.
  2. Follow leadership experts on social media. They often share their articles and insight there.
  3. Take stock of how you’re progressing. After you check-in with your team, take time aside to note their feedback and areas of improvement.
  4. Set one manageable goal per month and focus on that. For example, you can devote one month to improving your communication skills.
  5. Keep your management mentor meetings active! Write down any challenges or questions you have, and have them ready with you meet with your mentor.

Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download!