Office Settings

Provide a timely communications loop for employees to share their perspectives with their manager while helping managers develop their own solutions to workplace challenges.


Even though employees and managers might sit near one another, proximity does not necessarily translate to feedback, conversation and solutions. Establishing strong relationships requires time, trust and communication.

How can organizations build this muscle?

To start, give all employees a voice and a way to share their feedback. Managers can then use this employee-driven data to develop potential solutions. Most importantly, managers need to make it personal. That means communicating on a regular basis through everyday, direct conversations to strengthen individual relationships. Human connections are strengthened by human interactions.

Butterfly helps employees and managers develop an ongoing and constructive feedback loop thereby creating teams that feel more engaged and connected.

Increase In Engagement

A worker is 12x more likely to be fully engaged if they trust their team leader

—Hayes, Chumney, Wright & Buckingham

Employee Turnover

High-turnover organizations report
a 25% reduction in turnover when employees are engaged

—Harvard Business Review

Financial Results

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.