Use Collaborative Goal-setting To Increase Productivity

Research shows that when employees are more involved in the goal-setting process, they are more likely to reach them. To motivate your team, help them establish their career-related goals, and provide feedback along the way. Here are some strategies to put collaborative goal-setting into use:

1. Ask employees to submit a plan

Ahead of performance reviews, have your employees write up a draft of how they want to set their goals. Implement them alongside your own goals.

2. Prioritize goals

Ensure that you limit to 3-5 priority goals so that you and your team can easily remember and measure them. These priority goals also keep you and your team aligned with the company mission.

3. Take in feedback

Formalize a window for employees to give you feedback. This will help you discuss progress with your team, and how to move forward with goal setting.

“Block off time for goal setting as a stand-alone practice. Beyond that, picking goals that are trackable is key. One of the most important steps of setting and meeting goals is holding yourself accountable, and this is easiest to do if the goal has a clear metric or milestone outcome you are shooting towards.”
– Matthew Field, Co-Founder, MakerSights

Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download!