A clear connection
for every team

Butterfly gives managers what they need to know about how their people are feeling right now and empowers them to immediately follow up with feedback, all customized for your organization. Butterfly enables every manager to better listen, understand, and take meaningful action.


Butterfly Supports over 30,000 managers around the world


When teams know that they can count on their managers to listen, they feel supported. Employees who can express themselves authentically are more engaged and willing to contribute to a positive culture. All of this means happier employees and more successful companies.


Thoughtful pulse surveys that can be completed in less than 3 minutes

Take advantage of our academically backed templates and questions to create quick and informative pulse surveys that gather actionable feedback from your teams.


Personalized notifications to get your attention

Identify impactful focus areas thanks to our intelligent notification system and be sure that you will never miss a thing.


Managers who have effective listening skills develop strong connections with their employees and ultimately are more effective leaders. Butterfly translates complex survey metrics into easy-to-understand trends and data points.


Real-time dashboards that keep you informed

Your team’s feedback is compiled into a simple, data-driven dashboard, allowing managers to understand and act accordingly.


Leadership tips for every situation

Managers are guided to resources to help them engage based on their teams’ feedback. Butterfly allows them to take well-informed actions, transforming every feedback into a learning opportunity.

Take Action

Take advantage of Butterfly’s intuitive features to close the loop with your team members and address their ideas and needs.


Request additional feedback from your team

Our Follow Up and Instant Feedback features allow managers to connect with a specific group of users based on their feedback to dig deeper.


Keep the conversation going

Stay in touch by easily replying to employee anonymous comments and answering feedback requests with our Reply to Comment and anonymous chat feature.


We support and guide all of our customers through their employee engagement strategy, from initial rollout to deciphering results, we’ll be there every step of the way to make recommendations and share best practices.

Together we are one!

Butterfly is a natural extension of your team. As a partner, you will benefit from a dedicated team of experts to guide you through your Butterfly journey. Our team will help you design pulse questions and recommend the best framework to use.

We love data!

From launch until your Butterfly pulse becomes routine, we are at your disposal. Share with us your business objectives, and we will make sure to link them to your results! We will continue to be in touch sharing best practices and calling out to you where your attention is needed.