Production & Logistics Workforce

Get feedback from the floor, enable managers to proactively address workplace concerns and develop their leadership skills.

Engagement Matters

Whether working in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, your employees often perform highly physical and repetitive tasks which can lead to poor levels of engagement, high employee turnover and decreased productivity. According to Gallup, manufacturing and supply chain employees are the least-engaged workforce with 75% being disengaged.

By ensuring managers and employees deepen their understanding of one another, organizations are better positioned to improve employee commitment thereby positively impacting turnover, safety, and productivity. This ultimately drives stronger financial results.

Employee Turnover

High-turnover organizations report
a 29% reduction in turnover when
employees are engaged.

—Harvard Business Review

Safety Incidents

Highly engaged firms saw 70%
fewer incidents related to safety
compared with less engaged

—Gallup 2017


Organizations with highly
engaged employees experience
22% greater productivity.