Stop using the term “Work-Life Balance”

We spend more time at work than we do at home, so the two are never going to be fully balanced, and we have to accept that.

Using the term “balance” puts too much pressure on ourselves, employees, students, and bosses.

Here are some tips when you are looking to juggle some new responsibilities :

  1. Rely on your personal support system more. Can they help you in any way with your new tasks? Now is the time to find out.
  2. Rely on your professional network. Are the expectations concerning your working hours realistic? If not, have an honest discussion about it, you might be surprised at what comes out of it.
  3. Re-shuffle your priorities. Sometimes we take on too much – and it can be unsustainable. Try focusing your efforts on less projects – and you might just find that you are much more effective in completing them.
  4. Cut yourself some slack – remember to get enough sleep, and exercise – especially during stressful times. Reward yourself for jobs done well – and take the time to appreciate your accomplishments!