Give a voice to all your employees no matter where they are

We make reaching people in every corner of your company, at any worksite, simple and effective. Say goodbye to unwieldy, impersonal assessments and now-and-then, top-down engagement surveys.

Butterfly Supports over 30,000 managers around the world

Team Settings

Butterfly is the solution to engage with all your teams, no matter where they are and how they work. Address challenges and build strengths so your team can do its best work.

Frontline Teams

Deskless Not Voiceless: Connecting the whole organization and giving everyone a voice is an essential part of happy, successful business. People have a need to send information outwards and upwards just as much as they need to receive guidance and updates from above.

This is why Butterfly is the most easily adapted solution to pulse your frontline teams.

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Distributed Teams

It can be difficult for managers to personally and consistently connect with everyone on their team. Butterfly allows you to easily connect with your distributed workforce through a simple, engaging platform, no matter where your team sits.

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Hybrid Teams

Whether part of your team is in the office or not, give every employee a safe space to share their thoughts around what works for them and what doesn’t.

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