You know all about work-life balance, but how about tech-body balance?

Here are some experiments to try out if you want to achieve a better tech-body balance
Do you find yourself carrying your phone around like you would an epi-pen for a severe allergy? If so, you’re not alone. Americans collectively check their phones 8 billon time per per day.

Just as work-life balance has been ingrained into our society, it is now time to focus on “tech-body balance”, and rid ourselves of some bad habits that technology has brought to our lives.

Here are some simple experiments to try out, for a better tech-body balance:

(1) Sleeping – Get a real alarm-clock, and leave your phone in its charger, far from your bed. This way you’ll fall asleep naturally, and skip your pointless late night scrolling. Are those Instagram and Twitter feeds really positively contributing to your day anyway?

(2) Eating – Let’s be honest – not staring at your screen while eating will be hard – but how about trying it once a week? You might just find yourself enjoying your food, and the moment, a lot more.

(3) Walking – Try taking a short walk as a break from your work- but without bringing your phone along. The feelings of panic you feel will soon be forgotten as you find a new sense of freedom, and you’ll come back to your desk feeling refreshed, your mind filled with new ideas.

As with work-life balance, finding tech-body balance will be a different experience for all. They key takeaway here is that we do not need our phones nearly as much as we think we do, and could certainly use a break from the digital world from time to time.

Source Harvard Business Review