New Techniques To Find Your Future Leaders


What You Should Know Before Looking for your Future Leaders

Finding your company’s future leaders should always be at the top of senior-management’s priority list. The traditional approach was to find potential leaders early on, and mentor them until they were ready to take on more responsibility.
Although a proven technique, it appears that many promising employees are at risk of being excluded from the search. This is especially true for larger organizations, wherein it is all too easy for hidden talents to be drowned out by the noise of a complex organizational process.
Now, new techniques are being developed to cater more to introverts, and these are called the hunting, fishing and trawling methods.
During a hunting process, a manager will seek out a promising individual, from among those who wouldn’t normally make the shortlist. She will then mentor them, and walk them through leadership challenges.
The fishing process uses a bait – awards for people who demonstrate specific skills, or a competition to root out unsung talent.
The final technique encourages managers to dig deep into the work environment of employees, to uncover skills you can’t see by taking a top-down approach.
So don’t hesitate to research these techniques, to find the one that will work best for you – and start finding your future leaders!
Source: McKinsey