The Upsides of Teleworking

It is very likely for a modern day employee to come from a single-parent or dual-income home. Therefore the pressure to balance work-life and personal life has become paramount.
Managers can help alleviate the stress of the work-life balance by providing employees with flexible work times and environments. A 2005 study completed by Moen and Kelly indicated that workers who telecommuted met their goals as reliably as regular office workers and were reported to be happier. They slept better, were healthier, and experienced less stress.
Telecommuting removes the need for lengthy commutes, which in turn give employees more time to focus on work. Employers are already starting to embrace telecommuting, recognizing its role in recruitment and retention of employees. Now 63% of employers allow “some” employees to work from home on an infrequent basis, up from 34% in 2005.

Source: NY Times