The Perks of an Ergonomic Work Environment

According to a study published in 2003 by International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, a printed circuit assembly factory that enforced ergonomic improvements ended up saving over $570,000 in a year on rejection costs. This goes to show how productivity can be increased noticeably just by investing in ergonomics.
Other factors have been shown to improve due to the implementation of ergonomic work design. Employee turnover decreases with higher job satisfaction, and if employees’ needs such as comfort and contentment are met, then those employees are more inclined to keep their positions at work. Investing in ergonomics also show employees that their safety and health is valued, prompting them in turn to live safer and healthier lives.
Promoting an ergonomic work environment should not be seen as an expenditure, for its effects in the long term evidently save money. A company will boost employee productivity just from demonstrating commitment to comfort and happiness.
Sources: The Ohio State University