Turn your weaknesses into goals with a personal management plan

It’s time to outline the steps you’ll need to take to develop your leadership skills around your North Star (see our article on finding your guiding principle here). Start by referring back to the weaknesses you’ve identified from conversations with your inner circle or team members and isolate the most critical areas of improvement. Next, frame each weakness as a tangible goal.
For each goal, identify the skills or behaviors you will need to acquire or develop to get there. Then, set a strategy—or means for affecting change—and a timeline for when you plan to assess progress. For example, if you are weak at public speaking, you might consider taking a series of improv classes and volunteering to lead two internal workshops prior to assessing progress in three months.


Goal Skills / Behaviors Strategy Timeline
I am not a confident public speaker. More effectively communicate in front of large groups, in order to better inform and motivate my team, as well as build influence. Oral communication & speech-making
Controlling non-verbal cues (gestures)
Improvisation & off-script presenting
>Enroll in six-week improv program
>Study ten TED talks steal what works
>Lead two internal workshops at company for practice

Revisit June 15, 2017