Want To Lead A Great Team? Listening Is Key.

Great teams communicate often and actively. Here are a few ways to make sure your team’s environment is at its best.

  1. Great teams have great listeners. As a manager, you can lead by example. Bring a notebook to your next team meeting, and takes notes when your team members speak up. This shows your team that you value their opinions, and are actively listening
  2. Feedback should not be something that comes up once a year. So make sure to give feedback often, especially if you have positive feedback! Saying “Thank You” frequently goes a long way.
  3. Show your employees that you value their contributions to the team. As opposed to seeking personal achievements above all else, team players should get more opportunities.

Apply these tips to make sure you are rewarding your team players, and that you and your team are communicating effectively! 
Source: Harvard Business Review