Want to be a great manager? Earn your employees' trust

Studies show that general trust levels across workplaces are in a free-fall, yet it is critical for a manager to get employees to believe and trust in them. 
Gaining someone’s trust is no easy feat, and regaining lost trust is even more complicated. 
Here are some insights on how great managers earn their employees’ trust:

  1. Be your own type of manager. Employees are more likely to trust someone that authentic, in comparison to a leader that is clearly just stealing someone else’s style. 
  2. Leaders must be careful not to give their employees the impression of having hidden agendas. If it comes across that a leader is solely intent on protecting himself, employees will put less trust in them.
  3. A manager should project an image that should inspire their employees, and as such, they should handle their reputation carefully.
  4. Be consistent in your behavior. This has shown to prove especially efficient in gaining people’s trust.
  5. Finally, leaders who lack a generous purpose and are not compassionate towards their employees are typically difficult to trust.

To sum it up, your attitude will profoundly influence the trust your employees put in you. So be sure to follow these tips, and pay attention to how you behave around your team!
Source: Entrepreneur