Here’s what great managers do to keep their employees engaged at work

According to Gallup, a third of the American workforce is highly disengaged– sleepwalking through the day and disregarding their performance at work.

How do you keep your employees engaged? Gallup performed a study tying employee engagement results, with habits of managers, and here’s what they found out.

What great managers do to keep employees engaged:

  1. Communication is key: Employees that communicate daily with their managers were much more engaged at work. This communication should be about more than roles and responsibilities though- it should also include elements from outside of work. These interactions can be held over the phone, in person, or by email – all methods served to increase engagement. It is key that employees feel safe enough at their workplace to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. And it falls upon the managers to create this safe environment.
  2. Do performance reviews often, effectively – Managers that excelled at this increased engagement. For these reviews to be productive, employees should know what their roles and responsibilities are – so be sure to have been very clear in setting them for all of your employees, and talk about them together, often.
  3. Focus on employees’ strengths – A strength based culture is key in retaining employees, and making them engaged at work. So be sure to focus on strengths of employees, and not on their weaknesses.

Source: Harvard Business Review