What Individual Assessment Can Do For A Team

An effective leader can only be cultivated if he/she is a self-aware leader. The best way to ensure that things are in line with the team is to first determine an approach for self-growth for the future. Although self-assessment may not seem like a priority as a manager who also needs to oversee the productivity of his/her workforce, putting the effort into enhancing the leader can greatly improve the overall company’s well-being.
To start, it is beneficial to set an example of how to “show up” to work every day by paying attention to dress or attitude in order to adjust how employees perceive the leader. Then map out what needs to be accomplished for the day and hold yourself accountable. This helps a manager become knowledgeable about his/her own actions when it is clearly prepared and outlined. An effective leader is easy to admit with modesty his/her faults if they arise, and works quickly to correct them. He/she recognizes that mistakes happen, and knows it is best to address them honestly and humbly, instead of trying to ignore them.
Top performers are the most self-critical because they strive to always be better. Although it is tough to confess one’s weaknesses, going through the process will have countless positive results for both manager and team.

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