When Should You Promote Your Employees?

As a manager, you will need to regularly discuss and assess how each of your employees are performing. Here are some ways to know when to promote an outstanding team member:

1. Assess Performance from Multiple Sources.

Discuss their performance with peers, colleagues and team leaders. Examine if the traits they’re exhibiting match with the new position.

2. Does The Team Member Have A Growth Mindset?

If not, it may be in their best interest (and also the company’s) to give them a promotion. Remember: overqualified employees have a higher risk of disengagement in the workplace.

3. Will They Be Satisfied With The New Role?

Just because it’s a promotion doesn’t mean your employee will enjoy it. Discuss the position with them beforehand to see if there’s interest.

4. Have A Trial Period

Set out a short-term challenge to assess their skills for a possible promotion. Be transparent, as well. This means to give context: explain what your expectations are and why you’re giving them this task.

5. Assess The Cost

Try to stick with a similar increase to what other recently-promoted employees are receiving. And if you can’t give a raise (perhaps for financial reasons), find different ways to motivate your employee. Giving out new challenging tasks will show that you value them, and will help fine tune any skills needed for a promotion.

6. Make Sure They Deserve It

If they are not qualified for a promotion, be confident in saying “no” if they ask you. Be clear about your inhibitions, and explain the skills that are necessary for the job. Then, offer opportunities for them to work on these skills, so they can potentially achieve this promotion in the future.

Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download!