Why Focusing on Employees Matters

One of the most important, and often overlooked, tasks that a manager is responsible for is to focus on the well-being and betterment of his/her employees, not just the work they produce. Not only is attention to worker behavior valuable, but focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses is instrumental to employee success.
In a survey conducted with 1,000 employees, 78% reported that having a meaningful discussion of their strengths with a manager made them feel more appreciated. 61% of those employees were more motivated, which in turn, made them more willing and able to perform better at work. Managers who focused on employee weaknesses were met with a 27% decline in performance, as opposed to a 36% improvement which was seen with those who focused on the strengths of his/her team members.
Not only can focusing on your employees improve engagement and productivity, but it can also improve satisfaction among clients. A Forbes report suggests that businesses that enhance employee satisfaction see a direct correlation with the level of satisfaction of their clients. In short, happy employees create happy customers.

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