Why Team Dynamics Are Necessary For Discussion

Positive group dynamics show members trusting one another and constructive behavior influencing the rest of the team. According to researchers, teams with such dynamics have shown to have members twice as creative as an average group. Strategies to promote such positive group dynamics include knowing the behaviors of individuals and tackling problems quickly by providing feedback that show team members the impact of their actions.
Sometimes, a group consisting of the brightest people cannot solve even the most straightforward problem simply because it lacks effective team dynamics. There may be a person who discourages others from participating because of his/her critical remarks. Or someone who finds difficulty contributing and simply agrees with the majority.
Discussing team dynamics to a workforce is only the first step to improving them. Implementing the strategies to enforce positive team dynamics is what truly makes the difference. However, simply initiating the discussion leads towards a more effective leader and thus a more effective team.
Sources: Mind Tools