Hacks To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Within the first week of being a manager, you’ll notice that the hours seem to slip by quicker than they used to. At many companies, managers operate as player-coaches, tasked with their own responsibilities while also being in charge of the performance and ongoing development of their teams. With more on your plate, efficiency will become exceedingly important to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
A ten-second Google search will yield hundreds, if not thousands, of time management tips and tricks. As a manager, it’s on you to develop processes that work for you and your unique work habits.
Here are some hacks to test out in your first few weeks:

  • Know your ‘Top Three’: Each morning, write down the top three priorities you want to advance on that day. Set clear and realistic milestones and hold yourself accountable.
  • Block your calendar: Instead of creating to-do lists, block windows in your calendar to complete specific task or projects within a given window. This is called calendar-blocking.
  • Stop multitasking: Interruptions are the enemy of efficiency. Establish discrete windows for checking email and hold “Office Hours” so your team knows when you’re available for questions (and when you need to focus your attention elsewhere.)
  • Prioritize and say “no.” Savvy managers know how to rank the projects that are most important to the team and company objectives. They also know when to say “no,” or push things off to a later date.