Workplace Incivility and its Consequences

Workplace incivility – a critical component of a good work environment – is on the rise. Here’s what to do about it.

This is very worrisome, as these negative encounters have widespread effects in the company:

  • They raise stress levels and lower job performance
  • They increase turnover (and thus turnover cost)
  • They make for a negative customer experience. Not only do disgruntled employees take their frustrations out on customers, but as customers witness rudeness or uncivil actions, they are more likely to drop your brand
  • Collaboration will decrease among employees, whose willingness to share will drop by half (in extreme cases)

So how do you decrease incivility? 

  1. Be sure to noticed these behaviors early — when interviewing a candidate. Ask a lot of behavioral questions, and be sure to check references thoroughly.
  2. Promote civility throughout your organisation. Make civility metrics, talk about the issue, and make sure trainings are in place should any issues with civility arise.
  3. How leadership acts is crucial. Being treated with respect was the number one request from employees (it even came before appreciation). So be sure to lead by example!

Source: McKinsey