Ljubljana, Vienna and Dubrovnik

In our new series, Work & Roam, we’ll be following our Product and Solutions Analyst John Williams as he travels the world, working remotely from 5 countries. Tune in to see what worked (and what didn’t) for John during each stop, and to dig into how working remotely affects both the worker and the team back home.

“Lots of fresh produce available at this street market in Ljubljana”


Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Timezone: GMT +1 (NYC +6)


What was the thing I could experience, that I wouldn’t be able to in NYC?

This was a great week to get back on a regular schedule and work with our developer team in Ljubljana. I have finally got into the habit of getting up early to get some exercise, explore and also take a break to read at local coffee shops. This made my life feel much more balanced.

What worked great this week?

Ljubljana is a great city to work remotely. Co-working spaces are easily accessible  and coffee shops have reliable Wi-Fi. I took morning hikes through the wooded parks and found a balance that I had not quite figured out in Lisbon or Italy. It has also been really nice to spend time and bond with our team here.

What didn’t go so great this week?

Portugal and Italy, felt like a whirlwind with the drastic change in timezone and week with my family shortly after. I still have the issue of working later hours, but I finally feel like I am starting to figure out how to make that work. We will see how this works out in Vienna next week.



“The Austrian National Library in Vienna  was supposedly the inspiration for the library in Beauty and the Beast.”


Location: Vienna and  Budapest
Timezone: GMT +1 (NYC +6)


What was the thing I could experience, that I wouldn’t be able to in NYC?

This week was a short one and my girlfriend was visiting. I had the opportunity to take a step back and actually get a few days of vacation, which was really nice. We got to enjoy the Christmas markets in Vienna and the bathhouses in Budapest.

What worked great this week?

I had an amazing time exploring Budapest. Of the cities I have visited during this experiment, Budapest may be the one most built for remote work. There are coffee shops with great internet on every block, plenty of co-working spaces, cheap places to live and eat, and plenty of entertainment.

What didn’t go so great this week?

I still found it difficult to fully disconnect during my time off and ended up working for a few hours each day. I was still able to enjoy my vacation time, but always had work in the back of my mind.

Thoughts on Vienna vs. Budapest?

Vienna is very beautiful but did not seem like it was built for remote work. coffee shops with internet were available, but you would need to plan in advance, as they were not as apparent as in other cities i’ve visited. In Budapest you can walk in almost any direction and find the perfect place to work.

Right now Budapest and Mexico City are tied for my best remote working experience so far!

Tomorrow I head back to Vienna for a night to fly to my last destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia



“My last post from Dubrovnik. I can’t believe I just finished 3 months of traveling. Now I’m on my way to Alabama for the holidays.”


Location: Dubrovnik
Timezone: GMT+1 (NYC + 6)


What was the thing I could experience, that I wouldn’t be able to in NYC?

Dubrovnik is a beautiful town on the Mediterranean (and also Kings Landing for you Game of Thrones fans!) Since I decided to go during an off season, I got to have the normally crowded and touristy town, all to myself!

What worked great this week

Since this was an off season here in Dubrovnik, I had very little distractions from work. This really allowed me to focus. I also got to enjoy my last bit of pleasant weather before heading back to chilly NYC.

What didn’t go so great this week

While Dubrovnik is a great vacation city, it is not designed for remote work. There are very few coffee shops and absolutely zero co-working spaces to work from, meaning i had to spend the majority of my week working out of my apartment.

Thoughts on working in Dubrovnik?

During this time of year most of the restaurants, bars and shops are closed and there is very little to do. I Although I enjoyed my time here, would not recommend anyone come here to work.


I am currently back in New York so this will be my last weekly post abroad. Next time in my  final post I will take a will have a chance to sit back and take a grander look at what I have learned along the way.


Happy New Year!

Until Next Time